Welcome to my blog where I share current research, easy biohacks, my personal health journey, as well as recipes that I’ve developed! All of my recipes are grain-free and sugar-free. Most of them are ketogenic and Paleo AIP, as well.

Here is where you will also find the services I offer as a certified health coach. Everyone jokes about turning 30 years old and being tired all the time, but unable to get restful sleep, or inability to focus, stubborn weight-gain, you name it… but I’m here because I want to help you feel as amazing as I do!

I practice cyclical keto and intermittent fasting. That means most days I’m in ketosis with a blood beta hydroxybutyrate level above 0.5 mmol/dL, which I confirm with a finger stick once or twice a day.

I’ve been in and out of ketosis for over 4 years, and I intentionally go out of ketosis every few days. I just started fasting more over this past year. I went from a consistent 12-16 hour fast everyday, with my last meal around 5pm and then breakfast about 16 hours later, to working my way up to 72 hours straight! My favorite style of intermittent fasting, right now, is a combination of doing 18 hour fast most days and 24 hour fasts once a week or more.

I have a major sweet tooth, so when I am eating I’m usually trying to whip up some kind of weird experiment that tastes like sugar and carbohydrate goodness, but isn’t! All of my recipes use natural sugar-free sweeteners, and I never ever use any sugar-free sweeteners that are associated with a negative body of research. That means no saccharine, sucralose, or any other chemical compound of a similar nature.

Although I believe in the theory of the 80/20 rule, I believe it works a little differently for people with chronic illness, like myself. Most people would agree that everything in moderation is healthy. That means eating 80% of the time “healthy” and 20% of the time sugary, high carbohydrate, processed foods. For us spoonies (chronic illness warriors), the 80/20 rule is still 80% what we know we are supposed to eat – veggies, high quality protein, healthy fats – but our 20% is not sugary, carby, or processed. Everything in moderation doesn’t work for us. My recipes are here to fill our 20% cravings. That means, the sweet treats I post here are all still healthy! They just taste unhealthy.

So spoonies, intermittent fasters, ketogenic folks, biohackers, and anyone who’s just looking to feel great rejoice in my blog, and please feel free to leave me lots of feedback!