Welcome to my blog, Self-healers!


This is where I share:


  • current health-related research
  • tips on how to activate your “self-healer” mechanism
  • simple biohacks
  • my personal autoimmune healing journey
  • as well as recipes that I’ve developed


All of my recipes are grain-free and sugar-free. Most of them are ketogenic, Paleo, and low-lectin, as well.


Everyone jokes about turning 30 years old and feeling tired and unmotivated, poor sleep quality, inability to focus, stubborn weight-gain, you name it. The misconception is that:


a) it will never get better, only worse from here on out

b) weight-gain is just a part of getting older

c) you’ll start collecting health problems like diabetes, autoimmune disease, female hair-loss, etc… and that’s just the way it is


What do most people wrongly believe they have to do?


  1. the only option is to “fight” disease and the aging process
  2. randomly implement any fad you see on the internet that may actually make you feel worse
  3. take a medication or drink some wine every night to feel more comfortable in your own skin


…but I’m here to tell you those are lies.


All you have to do is activate your “self-healer” pathway.


So folks trying to heal from autoimmune disease or other chronic illness, intermittent fasters, my ketogenic peeps, biohackers, and anyone who’s just looking to feel younger and have more energy…


…rejoice in my blog, become a #SelfHealerForLife, and please feel free to leave me lots of feedback!


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