The 5 Requirements for Being a Self-healer


First things first, what is a Self-healer?


If you’re familiar with the term biohacking, then you already get it.


The term Self-healer and biohacker are one in the same.


If you’re unfamiliar with the term biohacker, allow me to explain.


A Self-healeris someone who resists the idea that anyone other than themselves knows what’s best for their body…


…is responsible for their health


…or has the power to control their health.


Self-healers take their lives into their own hands and accept the divine wisdom of their own body.


What does it take to be a Self-healer?


There are really just 5 requirements, to be honest.


You may already be a Self-healer and you just don’t know it, yet.


…more likely, though, you’re just 1 requirement away.


If you’re not at optimal health, you’re probably stuck on one of these 5 points.


  1. Discipline—to stick to 1 protocol long enough to see change (at least 3 months to 1 year)


  1. Prioritizing—your health; even if a treatment costs $5, it’s still $5 that you have to commit to spending on your health instead of something else


  1. The Desire—to be healthy; some people are happy being unhappy because they fear what comfort they’ll lose if they make the changes


  1. Ability to Confront—your health issue for what it is without minimizing or dramatizing


  1. Foresight—to understand your new habits & practices will need to be maintained if you want to live out your live free from worsening health consequences


So, this is all very complex, right?


Not at all.

The majority of this just boils down to mindset.


We are not wired to be able to let go of things.


Once we’ve blazed a neuro-pathway from point A to point B with our thoughts, that’s the pathway we go down again and again.


Therefore, if you’ve used an excuse to keep you from having to make a change, that pathway is already bushwhacked.


For instance:


If you know that you need to stop behavior ____, but you’re afraid of _____ (the discomfort it will bring), that thought now and forever elicits a negative reaction—a negative thought—a stress response.


Only, “now and forever” exists as a choice.


You can change your mindset…


…but you have to do it intentionally.


You can blaze a new pathway to a better emotion—a better response.


I’ve known plenty of intelligent people who are capable of making life-altering changes that would bring them so much more happiness.


Yet, they’re stuck on 1 of the above-mentioned 5 requirements.


There are so many people that I love dearly who are denying the world their true potential—their gifts—because they’re stuck.


I want to help you, if you’re stuck…


…whether it’s because you haven’t found the right protocol and stuck to it or the ability to confront your issue for what it really is.


The sad truth is, though, that I can’t do anything to help you if you’re not willing to prioritize your health over whatever else you want to spend your money on or if you’re too afraid of the temporary discomfort change will bring.


The only thing I can do is continue to speak the truth about the rewards that come with being a Self-healer and the consequences of staying stuck…


…and hope that something resonates with you.




Because I really and truly want to see people happy and healthy.


I don’t want to create return customers.


I don’t want to give you a “fish”.


I want to teach you how to fish.


I want to show you how to become a Self-healer so that you can provide the world with your gifts—your potential.


I want to wake up to a message from you describing your new life and the happiness you’ve gained.


I want to check-in next week and hear about how you used a technique I showed you to save yourself money, pain, and wasted time.


…and, full disclosure, I want to check my inbox and see people who’ve reached out to me on your recommendation, because they’re ready to get unstuck, too!


Trust me, there are enough people out there stuck who need my help… I don’t need you to stay stuck.


It serves you, me and the rest of the world best when you unstick yourself, then let me teach you how to stay unstuck FOREVER.


That doesn’t mean I won’t always be here for you as a resource.


Anyone who knows me, knows that I will respond to every text, email, and direct message with whatever help I can provide in the moment.


I have friends who’ve been my unofficial clients for years without me ever charging them a dime, because they weren’t ready to make the big life-altering change, yet.


I have actual clients from 3 years ago that still reach out to me with questions and I still give them the support they need.


So, that’s it.


That’s all I can say to convince you of your “bigness”… your ability to make the change.

–to become a Self-healer.


What can you do RIGHT NOW?


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How much money, pain, and effort has it already cost you?


You’re better than that and you deserve better than that.


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