About Me

I am an ACE-Certified Health Coach and Group Fitness Instructor with a bachelor’s of science in Nutrition: Dietetics and Chemistry. I’m also a Refinery Fitness LLC certified barre instructor and finishing up the last year of my master’s of science in Nutrition. I was just accepted as 1 of 20 dietetic interns, and this summer I will be starting my dietetic internship at Florida State University in Tallahassee, Fl.

Before moving to Florida I was a community nutritionist/nutrition educator for about 3 years in the state of South Carolina.

I consider myself a biohacker and have dedicated everything to becoming the healthiest, mind and body, that I can be. Now, I am helping others to achieve the same!

I’ve used my always-growing knowledge of the methylation pathway and nutrigenomics to self-treat and manage my own systemic lupus, heavy metal poisoning, chronic inflammatory response syndrome for years, now. I’m learning more about my body everyday and when to ask for help, take a break, or push a little harder.

I eat a grain-free, anti-inflammatory, ketogenic diet and enjoy baking with low-carb, real food ingredients!

As a holistic health coach, I help women with sugar addiction, weight-gain around mid-section, increasing energy naturally, paleo-friendly & keto-friendly lifestyle, and mind/body approach to weight-loss through diet and lifestyle.

I’m always learning and here to help facilitate others’ recovery through the same principles of diet and functional medicine that have fostered my own health recovery!

I’m now available for email and Skype video chat health coaching appointments!