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Become a Successful Self-healer for Life in 6 Months or Less to Feel Like Your Old Self and Slay All Day Every Day!

Is this you?  

•Always tired/feeling “blah” • Feel worse after meals • Not feeling sexy anymore • Losing your hair • Gaining weight for no reason • Can’t sleep well without meds • Tried everything to feel healthy like you used to • Nothing has worked long-term • Your doctors haven’t been able to help, either  

You’re totally spinning your wheels… why can't I just feel better? How do I get back to being the person I used to be when I felt good? How do I live the life I am really meant to live instead of just counting down the days until Friday or until my next vacation?  

What would you give for the super power to heal yourself for life?  

Eating out one less meal a day?  

  What if you could KNOW which supplements aren’t working for you and cut them out?  

Would that save you money that you could invest in a method that’s ACTUALLY effective?  


  …you have energy when you get home from work so you actually don’t mind preparing a great dinner or doing the dishes…  

  …you have the patience to enjoy your family…  

...you can think more clearly and actually remember things...

  ...your JOINTS don't hurt AT ALL...  

  ...you can't even remember the last time you had a headache...  

  …you can actually wake up before work to do yoga/workout and you LOOK FORWARD to it…  

  …you can eat foods you haven’t tolerated in years and be more resilient to your environment, in general…  

  …the little things don’t bother you anymore… you feel comfortable in your favorite clothes again… you feel connected to your true purpose and to the universe around you…  

  I know exactly how you feel right now, because I felt that way too, and I didn’t get better until I found the tools to become a successful SELF-HEALER for life  

Being a #SelfHealerForLife vs trying to “fight” your illness by throwing random treatments at it is like the difference between trying to shove the automatic hatch to your car closed vs pressing the button and watching it slowly glide shut. It’s not going to happen any faster if you try to jam it closed. It’s going to take A LOT of brute force and there WILL BE A STRUGGLE… you’ll garner quite a bit of side eye from bystanders… and it probably still won’t close, because that’s just not how it was designed to work. It was designed to close itself… all you have to do is initiate the process.  

  Being a self-healer also DOESN’T mean that you do it without help. Everyone who has healed themselves successfully had a TON of help. Being a self-healer just means you are self-motivated to seek out the RIGHT kind of help. Most importantly, you understand that YOU have to help yourself. No one else can heal YOU… you have to heal yourself.  


*names have been changed to protect client information in compliance with HIPAA*  

"Where do I even begin with a testimonial. You have helped me with everything from frequent UTI’s to migraines to gut health to increased energy. You’ve always known immediately what I should try and given me the why. Even by text message or phone I’ve felt more seen than any doctor appointment I’ve been to in my adult life having learned something new and motivated to get well.  

You so selflessly share wealth of knowledge for the greater good and while you do know all the fancy science behind everything you’re also able to relay it in a way that’s simple to understand and empowers me to do what’s best for my body."  

  - Samantha  

  “I’m feeling good for not having a pot of coffee! I’ve had little appetite which either means I have less appetite or have just thought about eating less than usual. Normally my day revolves around what snacks I’ll have and when” – Sophie  

  …also Sophie:  

  “I loved the rush of night time energy! I always need that. I work from home and especially during summer with kids home a lot of my work needs to be done at night, but night comes and I’m OUT so let’s just say I stay a little behind with work.”  

  Formerly vegan client, Mary, previously considering bariatric surgery:  

  “I weighed myself this morning. I started 3 weeks ago at 278. Today I’m 267. That is 11 pounds that I lost. I am very proud of myself. And it’s all thanks to you! You are the best.”… and… “When I eat the breakfast [from the 14 Day Paleo Reboot] I don’t get hungry until 12:30-1:00pm.” SHE’S FULL FOR 4 – 5 HOURS BETWEEN MEALS AND HAS ENERGY  

  Newly ketogenic client, Mark, lost 2 belt sizes in 4 weeks and was achieving 0.08 mmol/dL blood beta-hydroxy butyrate (clinical ketosis). Then at the 5-week check in was down 3+ belt sizes… all while spending 12 hours a day in a cockpit flying all over the world AND STILL enjoying the interesting foods he gets to eat in different countries!  

  “When I was transitioning out of the NFL a few years ago I started having panic attacks. Then, a couple of months ago, when I was buying my house and stressed at work they came back. Elizabeth suggested a protocol that ended my panic attacks THAT DAY and they only returned when I forgot to follow the protocol. I got back on it and they went away for good.” 

- Kevin  

  “I’ve always had constipation, and recently I had to have kidney stones surgically removed. After the antibiotics I had a metallic taste in my mouth constantly and even more constipation than before. Elizabeth knew immediately what was going on and gave me a protocol that worked miraculously for my constipation and cleared up the metallic taste.” 

- Caroline  

Have you already done some research?

You're already on the right path, then...

I know something about where you are.

Who am I?

What makes me qualified as a self-healing expert, though?

While I was doing all of that I was feeling like sh*t ALL THE TIME despite trying my best.

... and this is me feeling like a million bucks.

Then sh*t happened, as it tends to.

It wasn't really a problem, though... 

... because I knew how to heal myself!


I'm not selling rainbows and magic pills over here.

I'm teaching lasting, repeatable TRANSFORMATION.

I'm giving you everything you need to turn YOUR body into a self-healing machine, too.

Like when a lizzard loses its tail, but just grows a new one... that's what self-healers do!

Is it worth it?

You're the only one who can answer that... what is the ability to heal yourself for life in 6 months or less worth to you?

FYI, it costs less than $8 a day --> less than 1 meal out per day


You're in luck! I'm offering 2 different payment options!

Normal price: $1399

Your price: $1259 (10% discount if paid in full)  

Here's what you'll learn...


How to Determine What Your Body Really Needs to Acheive Life-long Balance

I'll teach you a technique that was a HUGE part of my successful healing. By the end of this lesson you'll be able to cut-out what's not working, and only add modalities and supplements that you ACTUALLY need. Not only that, but you'll become a PRO at the mindset it takes to heal FOR LIFE.


How a Ketogenic Lifestyle Can Activate Your "Self-healer" Gene 

In this lesson, you'll learn the benefits and methods for going sugar-free, and how to follow a cyclical ketogenic diet to optimize your body's ability to heal itself and age in reverse. PLUS you receive ALL of my proprietary downloadable resources found in my Keto, Paleo & AIP Super Course (normally $147), including: 

• Sugar-free Baking Grocery Guide

• Sugar-free Baking Recipe Book

• Keto + AIP Grocery Guide

• Keto + AIP Smoothie Guide

• 14-Day Paleo Reboot

 ... and so many more! 


How Intermittent Fasting Can Trigger Your "Self-healer" Pathway  

We're getting in-depth with the science on this topic so you can decide if intermittent fasting is a good fit for you. We'll also explore tips for doing it safely to decrease your inflammation and transform your resilience.  


The RIGHT Type, Frequency, and Duration of Exercise for You, as an Individual 

Let me take the guess work out of working out, for you. Find out when to do it and what types of physical activity to optimize your benefit, as well as how to recover like pro so you don't do more harm than good! 


Nutrients That Put Your Body in Self-healing Mode  

There are several supplements that can activate the PGC1 alpha pathway (your "self-healer" protein). We'll discuss all of the proven methods of supplementation, as well the effective DOSE, so you can decide for yourself what will be a good fit for YOUR body. You'll be able to streamline your supplements and, not only focus on ONE healing goal at a time, but also determine what goal should get top priority.


Addressing the Health of Your Fascia and Bioenergetics  

This is probably the most important, most overlooked aspect of turning your body into a self-healing machine. If you want to look, feel, and move like someone 10 years younger you HAVE to address your fascia and your body's bioenergetics. 


Using Cold Thermogenesis as a Self-healing Activator

In this lesson, you'll get the tools you need to safely apply different modalities that induce the process of thermogenesis through extreme cold. Don't worry, it's not as awful as it sounds! It also doesn't require any equipment.


How to Build Your Own Portable Infrared Sauna for Less Than $300

The sun's infrared rays have innumerble benefits, but for most people it's imparitive to find an alternative to daily sun exposure. This lesson will detail how you can build your own IR sauna at home! There's even a BONUS tutorial for turning it into an ozone sauna for amplified weight-loss, skin, and detox benefits. 


Balancing Your Body's Microbiome for Life-long Health and Resillience

In the last chapter, we're not only going to explore the nitty gritty of gut health, but also the nasal microbiome, as well. Yes, that's right. The microbiome health of your nose and gut are connected and you can't address one without the other if you really want amazing health and resilience to your environment that lasts. 

The strategies in the course have been used by everyone from...  

- an exhausted mom of two and yoga instructor who had to drink a pot of coffee and lived for snacks just to survive each day

- asthma-sufferer living in previously undetected mold

- former NFL player suffering from panic attacks

- teacher previously contemplating bariatric surgery who lost 11lbs in the first 3 weeks

- 30-year-old professional who was losing more and more freedom due to autoimmune disease

- kidney stone sufferer w/ chronic constipation

- dad whose son was a picky eater due to undiagnosed lectin sensitivity

- barre studio owner with osteoarthritis

- international pilot who learned how to use the ketogenic diet to lose 3+ belt sizes in 5 weeks

- trainer of professional athletes who had insomnia so severe it was impacting his business 

...the list goes on. :) 

This course is perfect for you if you want to: 

• Turn your exhausted evenings into productive time you can use to finally GET AHEAD of life and have time to enjoy the little things, again 

• Learn how to find the RIGHT modality for you, even if you’ve already tried everything 

• Learn all of the successful self-healers’ tricks and biohacks for achieving your BEST HEALTH and MAINTAINING it for life 

• Quickly turn your health around in as little as 6 months, even if you’ve been told your health will only get progressively worse  

• Create an environment for yourself and your family that makes you FEEL good and actually PREVENTS you from getting sick

  • Be FREE from aches, pains, anxiety and depression so that you can slay all day every day like you used to!

  • Become a part of a community of successful self-healers for life so that you ALWAYS have a resource to get your questions answered! 

  • Receive LIFETIME access to all course materials and video recordings

The bottom line is the #SelfHealerForLife program will walk you through my step-by-step process of using safe, proven methods to heal yourself from the toes up by teaching you how to determine what works for your body and how to implement it, effectively.  


You're in luck! I'm giving you the option to split it up over 6 months!

Normal price: $1399

Your price: $233 (6 x $233)  

Not sure if my program is a good fit for you?

Schedule your 15 minute discovery call with me, today, and we'll talk it out! The spots I have left are filling up quickly, so if you want to become a #SelfHealerForLife, now is the time to take action.